Is your current mortgage the best deal for you? Are there new deals on the market today that could save you money?

You can save hundreds - perhaps thousands - of pounds by shopping around. A regular review of your mortgage to check for better deals is a good idea to make sure you are not missing out.

When should you review your mortgage?

New mortgage deals are released all the time. Making regular checks for a better mortgage is ideal. If you're locked into a fixed period deal with an early repayment charge, you may need to wait until the early repayment charge no longer applies. But, if you don't currently have any early repayment charge on your mortgage deal, it could be worth your while switching lenders (remortgaging) at any time.

At the very least, you should review your mortgage:

  • • When there is a change in interest rates – this affects how competitive your current deal is
  • • At the end of your existing mortgage deal – your rate may increase
  • • If you're not tied in to deal with early repayment penalties, once every year – see how your current deal compares to new mortgage products that have come onto the market.

If you don't act when your mortgage deal ends, or rates change, you could miss out on the many better deals that have become available on the market.

Set a reminder to review your mortgage.

We will be happy to help you by setting up a reminder now to evaluate your mortgage once every year – or before your current fixed deal ends. You could save yourself hundreds of pounds!

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Why else remortgage?

Sometimes people consider remortgaging to consolidate debt or increase borrowing. If you are considering either of these options, it is best to speak to a professional to ensure you are getting the best advice.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.


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